Lindsay Lohan - Too Young To Die

I knew I was in trouble for the moment I laid eyes on you (yeah)
我知道在我盯著你看的時候 我有麻煩了
Dangerously, i can feel the chemistry around the room (ohh)
危險的 化學反應充滿了這房間
Something deep inside told me to think twice, i knew (yeah)
在內心深處的一些東西不斷告訴我 我明白
But i went ahead what a stupid thing to do
Now i'm in trouble

◎Hit by a train, falling from a building
被火車撞 從建築物上掉下來
heartbreak from you would be like drinking deadly poison
I'm... Oh, I'm too young to die (I don't want to die no)
我... 喔 我還太年輕 不想想不開 (我還不想掛掉)
Crashing my car, coming flying through the windshield
我的車毀了 飛越擋風玻璃
Falling in love wit you, i'm heading to get me kill
和你一同墜入情網 我正朝著致命的方向
I'm... Oh, I'm too young to die (I don't want to die no)
我....喔 我還太年輕 不想想不開 (我還不想掛掉)

I could see you coming like a weather warning on the news (like a twister)
我看到你過來 就像新聞裡的氣象警報 (像個旋風)
Like a venus flytrap, I'm drawn so please be careful, I bruise.
又像愛神維納斯 我已經中了你的箭 輕一點不然我會受傷
If you were in my place, would you turn and walk away, be through
如果你走入了我的內心 可以請你轉身離開嗎
I'm must be outta my mind and you could do some time, it's true
我一定是失去理智了 你可以下次再來嗎 我說真的

I don't wanna die this way
Get caught in the middle and for just a little, my heart would break
我還再猶豫 但請輕一點 不然我會心碎
I'm just another victim of love (everytime I love)
我只是另一個愛情的犧牲者 (每次當我陷入愛河)


o.s Lindsay 的新歌噢@@

每次都可以把琳賽拍超醜是怎樣 哈哈
不過還是沒有辦法抹滅她在我心中很正的樣子 =v=

但是看到那些照片我還是忍不住哈哈大笑說 XD
(一整個說明我很沒良心= =")

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  • Miranda
  • Lindsay Lohan is the best star...... :))
  • haha
    she is the most sexy and beautiful star for me XD

    ♥ 咪唷 -- Miu♥ 於 2010/11/18 00:10 回覆

  • Miranda
  • she has some new songs like Stay. Can't Stop Won't Stop. Stuck. I wanna be bad....they are nicely good songs,too!!^^hope you like.......!!
  • yeah I heard it.
    I love all of it~~~
    also expect she new album.

    ♥ 咪唷 -- Miu♥ 於 2010/11/18 00:13 回覆