Lene Marlin - Still Here

I just can’t help it 我無法抗拒
No matter what you say 無論說什麼
It sounds you’re far from okay 我聽見你的失落
I know you’re hurting  感覺你的心
So please just stop the lie 請別再說謊 (別欺騙自己)
Just say, say you’ll try 只要 對我說你願意

Try to stop hiding, and show me how you are 不隱藏自己, 作真實的你
I see through all the faces you put on 我看穿你的武裝
I know you’re wondering, just how you got to this 你的困惑, 會變成怎樣
All you’ve lost, all you missed  是疑惑 是錯過和失去

But it will be fine, and you’ll be smiling 都會過去的,你微笑想著
And you’ll be grateful, for what’s still there 一切將好轉,依隨你的心
And you’ll be hoping that you still have it here 如你所期盼 你還是在這裡
The things you thought you lost, 關於失去的心
The things you thought were gone  就讓它完成過去

I wish I’d seen it 我希望看見
A long time ago 一段時間後
At least, now I know 至少,我知道
I need your promise 因為你承諾
No point of asking why 不再有理由
Just say, say you’ll try 只要 對我說你願意
Try to stop hiding… 不再逃避
But it will be fine…  都將過去

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o.s 我第一次聽這首歌 看這個MV竟然哭了說...

只知道傻傻的付出 而對方不見得懂
所以最後那個小男孩也握住小女孩的手 真的超棒的 (拇指) 哈

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